Mazda Bongo Conversion

Mazda Bongo conversion results in a true dual purpose vehicle rather than a standard MPV with a roof. At 321Away you can choose to convert your Bongo Camper with one of several types of kitchens that suits your life style best, e.g.:

  • Rear kitchen conversion
  • Side kitchen conversion
  • Split kitchen conversion
  • Removable kitchen conversion

Montague are well recognised Bongo camper conversions. Their resale values increase, whilst depreciation reduces or stabilises. Since 1997 Montague 321 Away are the undisputed original importers of the Automatic diesel and petrol camper vans in the Mazda Bongo Friendee and Ford Freda range.

Have a look at the gallery of Montague Mazda Bongo Friendee conversions below.

Mazda Bongo Conversion Layouts

Here are some of our Mazda Bongo conversion layouts:

Side Kitchen Conversion

Mazda Bongo with a side kitchen is a fully blown camper in a VW size van. It looks stylish, and is practical with full fridge and cooker access. Even with the beds laid down flat.

Please click on the thumbnail images to view “Side Kitchen Conversions” gallery. Just a few of the many conversions we have carried out, all designed to the customers own requirements.

Rear Kitchen Conversion

Barbecue outside and in with your Mazda Bongo Rear Kitchen. Our designs have evolved over 19 years with customer input. Please click on the thumbnail images to view “Rear Kitchen Conversions” gallery. Kitchens don’t have to be at the side, if you prefer, why not do your cooking at the rear, it’s all up to you!

The rear kitchen unit takes the least space out of your Bongo conversions. Montague pioneered this in the 1990’s. Still offering full mains hook up, gas cooking a proper compressor fridge and leisure battery set up. This is the sportsmen and day trippers utopia. Cooking outside under the protection of the tailgate or inside in conventional camper layout.

Lounge Kitchen Conversion

A two passenger camper whilst offering 2 full double beds (i.e. 4 berths). A full size lounge set during the daytime, massive under-seat storage for your camping supplies and camping equipment. At night time in under 20 seconds you have a dead flat full size double bed. The other big plus, is a permanent single bed. This choice is popular with the elderly and people with medical conditions. We also offer an electric access step and a grab rail to compliment this.

Please click on the thumbnail images to view “Lounge Kitchen Conversions” gallery. Browse through what we have done for our customers in the past, then imagine how you want yours to look. Mazda bongos are our passion!

Split Rear Kitchen Conversion

Flexible interior layout, maximised passenger capacity and still a great camping facility. Please click on the thumbnail images to view “Split Rear Kitchen Conversions” gallery. Rear conversion is another way to have your kitchen – if you require!

Removable Kitchen Unit Conversion

If you really only want an MPV with occasional camping, choose a removable kitchen conversion. Removable kitchen unit gives you the maximum flexibility.See the items that can be moved wherever you want, when you want. In 18 years of camper sales, these have been a rare exception rather than the rule. Please click on the thumbnail images to view ‘Removable Conversions’ gallery.

Projects & Special Editions

Please click on the thumbnail images to view ‘Other Conversions’ gallery. More of the the many numerous choices and options to turn your Montague™ into your perfect all round vehicle. Also have a look at some of our cool custom made Montague Mazdas.

Available options

Many optional extras are available. The vented gas locker, diesel night heaters, mains hook up with RCD protection — a legal requirement for motorhomes and small craft. We use top name equipment from the industry leaders. See full list on the accessories page.

Top 10 questions about Mazda Bongo Conversions

Will a camper van mains electricity work when not “hooked up” to the mains?

Yes if there is an inverter and leisure battery fitted. Secondly 321Away use a supplementary 12 volt system with all 12 volt appliances.

Can I choose my Mazda Bongo colours?

Yes the Montague conversions have many full custom colour repaints. This is not just a wrap or blow over. This is an oven applied 2k paint custom colour including the Bongo door sheets and slam panels.

Can I buy conversion kit from you to fit myself?

Our conversions are custom to the vehicles with applied installation methods, materials and equipments. To protect the integrity of the Montague name by guaranteeing quality in both materials and fitment, we only permit our camper conversions to be fitted by our trained personnel with the correct materials.

Is it safe to have a kitchen in a camper vehicle?

Yes, it is safe. But there are many caravan and camper van codes and laws to comply with. For example, gas installation codes, including a bottom vented gas locker (as gas is heavier than air). All mains electricity must have proper MCB and RCD protection. All 12 volt cabling must me sheathed and fused to prevent fire. All installations must be secure and not dismount in an accident impact situation. Camper van safety cannot be engineered in a shed or garage at home. This is why it’s important to choose only tested and proven Mazda Bongo conversion specialists.

What is the cost of conversion?

From £2000 to £6000 plus, depending on your requirements.

What to look for when ordering or buying conversion? What mistakes should I avoid?

Make sure that converted Mazda Bongo motorhome complies with all the safety and construction guidelines. Montague conversions carried out by 321Away are recognised standard in the industry. We guarantee that your converted bongo will comply with safety and construction guidelines, rules and regulations.

Why should I choose 321Away for my conversion?

321Away is a family-run and family-owned company with a long and stable trading record specialising in Mazda Bongo campers and Ford Freda motor homes. In 1997 Wade Montague Ltd trading as 321Away imported the first Bongo campers to the United Kingdom. Since then we have been passionate about Mazda Bongo campers.

How can I buy Mazda Bongo Conversion?

It is easy to buy a 321Away Montague camper conversion. Just go to our catalogue of Bongo campers for sale. Choose the one you like. Then order over the phone or in person. You will always get a full written order for your camper van conversion specifications leaving no grey areas. We like our customers to be happy. For custom conversions just turn up with your van to our Berkshire premises.


It’s all up to you – how do you want yours to look?

Above you will see a few of the many quality award winning Mazda Bongo conversions we have undertaken. As you can see the variations are many. You may want to go for a bespoke Custom Camper paintwork and interiors or opt for 4WD, Off Road and Wild Camping. At 321Away we are happy to discuss any customers individual requirements and can offer a complete bespoke finishing service. Not only for Mazda and the Ford SGL range but for other motorhomes or race vans.

Our experienced craftsmen can make your Montague™ as much ‘yours’ as you would like!

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