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Questions and answers about Mazda Bongo motorhomes

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What is the average Fuel consumption for a Mazda Montague?

Here at 321 Away we have found that the average fuel consumption is often misquoted as in excess of 34 mpg. We always advise our customers to expect a realistic average of circa 25 – 32 mpg (depending on driving habits and terrain – i.e. Urban or Motorway cruising).

Is it easy to get spare parts for these Campers?

Almost all of the general servicing parts are readily available from most good Motor Factors, most being generic to the MX6 and Ford Ranger pickup. There are UK based companies that supply genuine blueprinted or o/e Japanese parts, the NO1 UK supplier with parts from stock and fully experienced service personnel are 321 Away Ltd on 01189 884 604.

Can you tow trailers or caravans with these vehicles?

Yes! Here at 321 Away we have full tow bar kits from stock, to fit or take away. The Mazda or Ford Montague series make superb towing vehicles, and we have towed 1650 kg. The Mazda (or Ford) SGL series with an automatic gearbox is widely regarded as possibly one of the best auto’s to tow with. All automatic Montague SGL series campers have a transmission oil cooler as standard.

What’s the difference between the Mazda SGL series and the Ford SGL version?

Its all in the badge The Ford SGL series are built by Mazda and only differs by the front grille, the pattern of the cloth on the seats and a Ford Steering Wheel is fitted on early models…… and that’s it!

Are these expensive to insure?

No! Motorhome insurance is calculated quite differently than normal car insurance – the premiums are usually considerably less! Mazda Montagues will legitimately fall within the Motorhome insurance category. With full no claims and a reasonable post code circa £260 fully comprehensive inc E.U Ask our sales staff for a list of 321 Away recommended Insurance Companies.

How long will I have to wait for delivery my vehicle?

Another major strength of 321 Away is that we carry the largest selection of ready converted stock in the UK. You can see all types of different layouts instead of just sketches and photographs, physical stock. Jump in a bed and see how it suits. Choose it and you could drive away the same day.

Should I be worried about touring the E.U?

No! Mazda dealerships may be thin on the ground in Europe but fortunately Ford dealerships are plentiful. The majority of the engine running spares share the Ford Ranger pickup 2.5 diesel WL01 running spares.

What about enhancements and accessories?

We always have a wide range available from stock, we have Drive Away Awnings, Rollout Awnings, rear Cycle Racks, lockable external rear Luggage Carriers (up to 500 litre) and a lot more. Contact our sales staff for more details.

What about night heating ?

As an option we can supply and fit official Eberspacher Night diesel heaters, Propex gas night heaters or Comp Pro ceramic 12 Volt heaters.

What about the Warranty?

All new shape 1999 onwards Montague SGL have full 12 months parts and labour warranty. This is an in house 321 Away Warranty without the small print and nonsense that the warranty insurance policies hide behind.

How waterproof is the roof?

The roof is made from Polyvinyl – it’s 100% water proof and can also be plastic welded at very low cost in the event of damage.

Are the front an rear tyre sizes supposed to be different?

Yes! the standard fitment gives a 195/70 15 on the front and a 215/65 15 on the rear. On 4WD drive versions the correct tyre fitment is critical to the drive train and tyre wear.

Is the 4WD/2WD selectable?

No! You either buy a 2WD or a 4WD. However the 4WD comes with a viscous clutch in the transfer box controlling the front axle to rear axle drive. LSD rear differential is also an option.

What about Privacy?

All Montagues come with factory fitted blinds and bespoke silver screens or curtains for the front and rear windows.

Are there provisions for a Toilet?

Yes! Toilet options are available from stock in a custom housing, integrated and hidden away from view.

What’s the Maximum seating and sleeping capacity?

The maximum factory belted seats we offer is eight with a norm of six. However we also offer a fully blown camper as a two seat, two berth, with every permutation in between. Include a Drive Away Awning and a family of seven would have no issues camping.

Will my battery go flat on the campsite?

No! As standard Montague SGL series campers have a ZIG™ type unit which automatically charges your battery (without ever overcharging it) and run all your 12 volt needs simultaneously.

If I drop my hairdryer in the sink will I die?

No! As standard Montague SGL series campers have a proper 240 volt mains hook up which includes the safety of RCD protection.