Repairs and Servicing

For Mazda Bongo repairs, servicing and maintenance, come to 321Away full workshop facilities. Our team of experienced mechanics know everything about the Montague™ SGL series. 321Away are Mazda Bongo specialists and have a huge spare parts inventory available on-site.

Mazda Bongo repairs and servicing

Does your Mazda Bongo camper need servicing or repair?

Does your Bongo need water coolant replacement? Is your engine overheating? Do you hear alarming suspension noise? Suspect your Bongo needs spare parts replacement? None of these problems should limit your freedom of camping anywhere and any time you want. It’s not that expensive to maintain your Bongo. Just make sure to regularly service it. And this sturdy eager workhorse — when cared for correctly — will be as faithful as the most loving Golden Retriever!

Not all Mazda Bongo Specialists are the same. Before you send your Bongo for service or repair…

You know… all cars, vans and campers have their servicing quirks. So, when looking for a Mazda Bongo specialists or a garage — like with any vehicle — choose a real specialist garage that knows the vehicle inside out. Bongo specialists with mechanics who know the vehicle well will repair and service your camper more quickly and cheaply.

Price of Mazda Bongo Repairs and Servicing

Bongo servicing is cheaper than small car franchised dealer prices with labour rates starting at just £60 for some jobs. Water coolant replacement is only £20, to prevent engine from overheating.

Want some good old fashioned customer service?

321Away choose the Mazda Bongo to be the solid core vehicle for our motorhome company. This is why we are the definitive experts in Bongo repairs, servicing, maintenance and spares. We have all factory repair manuals, data and servicing experience. Even 4WD and 2WD drive train conversions are possible.

Experience expert servicing of Mazda Bongos and Ford Freda campers in house at our Berkshire garage premises. With our reputation and experience, we pride ourselves in offering good old fashioned customer service. Two vehicle ramps, full diagnostic suite, Mazda ECU interrogation and ECU fault code reading with full spares and repair facilities. Right on the M4, Junction 12 — easy to find.

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Do this and your Bongo will serve you for over 400,000 miles!

Mazda Bongos are by no means fragile prima donnas that need to be nursed. Far from it, with regular servicing and care a Bongo will cover serious miles. Just stick to the following Mazda Bongo servicing intervals:

  • The cooling systems on these campers demand proper maintenance (this is not daily, weekly or monthly).
  • The radiator should be changed very 8 years, this is not an expensive item.
  • The cooling system should be thoroughly flushed and bled every 5 years as a minimum, again not an expensive job.
  • This along with regular oil changes will help to promote a long Bongo engine life.

Import vehicle servicing and parts availability problems are a thing of the past. Bongo technical repair data, bongo spares and servicing schedules are available throughout the country. 321away have the official Mazda fault diagnostics.

A word of advice to save you from destroying your diesel engine

Do not ignore glow plug change intervals.

Here’s a little story…

Recently, after 40 years motor trade experience, I suffered my first and only catastrophic glow plug failure of the very worst kind.

No, not bad starting from cold, that’s just annoying.

I suffered a glow plug tip break off. And this totally destroyed my diesel engine. So, the reason glow plugs have a service interval is also because of metal fatigue from the heat cycling. Glow plugs go from very cold to cherry red in seconds.

So, change your glow plugs regularly!

Going for a long trip?

Long trips are fun. You want adventures and memories. Except for… tyre blowouts. Follow these recommendations for pre-holidays, pre-long trip, and motorway trips and you’ll enjoy your trip:

  • Check all fluid levels.
  • Check the spare wheel is inflated and the jack and wheel brace are all present.
  • Check tyre pressures for a long journey. Check these once loaded. I know it is a pain in the butt to mess around when you are all loaded up for your holiday, but the number one cause of blowouts is incorrect tyre pressures. For normal summer driving I like my Bongo tyre pressures at 40 psi rear and 38-42  psi front. In poor winter weather I run 38 psi front and rear tyre pressures on our Mazda Bongos.

Tips for Bongo Owners

  1. Check your tyre sizes, they should be 195 70/15 on the front and 215 65/15 on the rear. If not then you will potentially damage the front differential over time.
  2. Four wheel drive Bongo’s can be converted to two wheel drive, we have carried this out many times.
  3. Always make sure your water level is topped up. Bongo’s don’t like being run low on coolant.
  4. Avoid cooking oil and eco fuels. We get asked all the time if Bongo’s can run on cooking oil or eco fuels. We advise against it. Too high an oil to diesel ratio is likely to damage the fuel pump in the long-term and therefore we advise strongly against it. The later FBW diesel fuel pumps are expensive to overhaul.
  5. Replace timing belts regularly. We recommend that Bongo timing belts are replaced at 60,000 miles.
  6. Mazda Bongo 2.5 TDi engine is very similar to the Ford Ranger unit, but the Mazda engine has more power and less plumbing for emissions and emissions recirculation.
  7. Change oil regularly. For long engine life on a Mazda bongo, regular oil changes are essential. Also do not ignore the cam belt changes, make sure your radiator is in excellent condition and coolant levels maintained.
  8. Mazda Bongo can go over 400,000 miles. Mazda Bongo diesel engine life expectancy is over 300,000 miles if all of the above are observed. There are Bongos in some of the forums exceeding 400,000 miles.
  9. Warm the engine up properly before smoke testing — Bongo MoT test essential points out.
  10. Bongo suspension clunks and knocks sound alarming and expensive, usually it is just the drop links and or anti roll bar bushes, cheap same day fixes.